Linux is free to use and it is licensed with the GNU open source. GNU is sponsored by the Free Software Foundation.

WordPress us also GNU licensed as free open source licensed. The problem is that many components for WordPress are not free which runs afoul of the GNU license and the Free Software Foundation.

The studio sponsors an open source tool for identifying bot traffic. It is free with a GNU license which is compatible with WordPress. There are no licenses or anything to prevent anyone from using the tool. It’s free to use commercial or private.

Crippled open source packages are a plague with WordPress. In short they are all in violation of the open source nature of WordPress which us GNU licensed. So all forks and derivatives have to follow the GNU rules and make the source code available. This applies to all themes and all plugin vendors.

Legally the subterfuges of free and open source could land ever commercial entity in trouble for crippling software and not complying with the free software principles of GNU. JetPack and WordFence are both in violation of GNU.

WordFence is an example of crippleware with commercial demands. JetPack has cleaned up its act to some extent but it still needs more work on it.