Microsoft has announced that Visual C++ now has full support for the C++20 standard.

  • C++20 Ranges are now feature complete! Make sure you’re compiling with /std:c++latest to try it out.
  • Added the /await:strict switch to enable C++20-style coroutines in earlier language modes.
  • Debugger visualization of std::coroutine_handle<T> now displays the original coroutine function name and signature and the current suspend point.
  • Added support for CMakePresets.
  • You will now be required to accept or deny the host key fingerprint presented by the server when adding a new remote connection in Visual Studio.
  • Added an /external switch to MSVC for specifying headers which should be treated as external for warning purposes.

The beta version how has support so it should be in production versions of Visual Studio 2019 in short order.

Many open source packages are using C++ for Linux which is the main production language. WordPress packages are PHP based which is the server side web development language.

Visual Studio support for GitHub has been improved as well which makes it easier to various projects.–visual-studio-2019-version-1610-preview-3-