The Corsair 275R Airflow chassis seems to be a good quality model for taking over from the old Lenovo X230. The MSI B350M Bazooka will be right at home with the 275R. With 3 fans included it is actually perfect for the system board. Also grabbed a low cost bluetooth mouse. WiFi cards support bluetooth but BIOS support is poor.

The newer Corsair RM (2109) series are 80 plus good with excellent very low power efficiency. Most likely this will be employed for the server.

The 275R Airflow is $99.99 in Canada with a modest shipping. The included fans make the 275R a good value for a mid tower ATX cahassis.

The 275R Airflow does not expose a DVD bay which simply requires the USB drive to yanked out of mothballs. There is lots of room for a pair of hard disks and 4 bays for SATA SSD drives.

A power supply is avalable to get the web server moved to a desktop class planform. The main advantage is the M.2 slot can be populated with as large as 8TB SSD should the need arise for more storage. The SSD slots can also be populated should the need arise.


  • MSI B350M Bazooka
  • ATHLON 3000G
  • 14nm CMOS fabrication
  • 35W TDP
  • 3.5 GHz base clock
  • 2 cores, 4 threads
  • DDR4-2667 operating speed
  • Vega 3 graphics

The Athlon 3000G is much more powerful than the i5-3320M in the old Lenovo X230 laptop. The memory capacity of the B350M is 128 GB. The 275R has much more room for additional storage. The Vasekey 240GB SSD is installed to get the machine operational. A pair of DDR4-2400 sticks are available to provide 8GB to run Linux. Traffic with 8GB can reach at last 50,000 pageviews per hour before more is likely to be needed. The SSD is also plenty fast.

No new BIOS for the B350M Bazooka since 2020 but the Athlon 3000G is on the supported CPU list. The last BIOS was a 3rd beta version which was all that surfaced. The motherboard runs all the processors on the studio fine so even if a another processor becomes available it will not be problematic. The M-Flash tool can update the BIOS on MSI motherboards without operating system intervention.