The disruption in the supply lines has impacted a lot of industries. For this reason the likely introduction of DDR5 based hardware will launch in 2022 when the global economy recovers. The COVID-19 mess has affected supply lines world wide. A business lesson seems obvious, do not put all your eggs in one basket. Multiple supply lines are more tolerant when fires or thefts affect shipments. Last year MSI was ripped off for several boxes of video cards followed by fire in a different facility.

Every sector of the economy has been impacted by the multiple waves of COViD-19 to such an extent that attempts to recover will require extensive recapitalization. Depending on the efforts by governments to help with recapitalization is only part of the problem. Over 3,375,573 have died from COVID-19 and many others are disabled. Training replacements takes time.

DDR5 production so far has been stockpiled for server designers. Supply problems are affecting servers as badly as gaming. SK Hynix and Samsung are cranking out a lot of NAND chips for the growing SSD market.

Adopting DDR5 needs DIMMs obviously and a suitable CPU and motherboard. PC motherboards have not sold out and prices are better for those who believe DDR4 still has some legs left.

It will take time to recover. Patience is a virtue. Look for Intel Alder Lake and AMD Zen 4. The migration to DDR5 will happen, patience while the industry gets reorganized.

Console gamers are also mad at the shortage of Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles. The problems of PC gaming is literally the tip of the iceberg. Everybody that is reliant on semiconductors has been impacted.