Ran across a MySQL 8 update error. To fix the problem required removal of MySQL and installing it fresh. Evidently some dependency was broken suggesting some parts are not used anymore.

The website was offline for almost 30 seconds until MySQL was finished installing on the SSD.

For the most part Linux distributions are comparatively stable. IBM runs Red Hat but Ubuntu is more popular with self hosted solutions. Ubuntu is a fork of the Debian distribution.

Running a self hosted web site does require much more skill. For that reason I have developed a lot of skills with Linux command line and the components used by Apache2 which is the old standby web host.

PHP 7 took steps to reduce energy consumption which was well received as the updates only had minimal impacts on PHP users. PHP 8 today however is a major refinement of the work done with PHP 7. The memory footprint of PHP8 is slightly larger suggesting some additional coding was added.

sudo apt remove mysql-common mysql-server
sudo apt install mysql-server

Problems with the Hitron box are causing 5 minute outages to reboot the unit.