It seems that prices for 4x32GB DDR4-3200 has bounded around substantially. 128GB is now available for about $862 plus taxes in Canada which is slightly better than it was for G,Skill Ripjaws V. The more expensive Royal Z have RGB for the vanity market.

While more affordable, realistically gaming does not need that much RAM.. The existing 32GB seems to be excessive for gaming as it is.

DDR5 is slated to enter with 16GB sticks so 4x16GB will give 64GB which is an example of more overkill. The Xbox Series X and PS5 have 16GB which has to load the operating system and the game code before the rendering process begins. So 32GB of RAM with an 8GB video card are already far ahead of the consoles.

The X570 with 32GB of RAM and a 6 core 12 thread processor are a good machine for general electronic data processing. Excel has long been used as a database given the pricing of Microsoft SQL Server etc. Excel can make charts and graphics galore.

Early prices for DDR5 will be high so the existing X570 will be in service for at least another 12-18 months. The chart makes it clear how much more memory is now available for personal computers compared to the DDR and DDR2 period. Now DDR4 has leaped far ahead and DDR5 is poised to take it even further into the stratosphere.

Windows 10 x64 will install on a machine with as little as 2048MB RAM. Windows 10 runs much better however with 4096MB of RAM. With 8192MB RAM Windows 10 can reduce the use of the swap file which reduces wear and tear on the SSD. Today even the lowest cost laptops have 8192MB of RAM and many machines now come with 16384MB RAM which benefits the integrated graphics. Machines with gaming graphics are much more expensive.

The RTX 2080 is fairly powerful and it can handle a wide range of games easily. It thrives with 16384MB or more RAM with Windows 10 x64.

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