You webmaster has spent countless hours to learn how to protect the site from miscreants. Miscreants seem to be in abundance. Russian hackers are educated which makes it important to assume a serious assault in underway.

WordFence blocks some hackers from wasting their time attempting to enter the admin account for the site. The password used is 256-bit so there is not a snowball’s chance in hell of entering.

I also block copying from the site, I also block copying images mostly as the internet available is not that fast to be a CDN. JetPack offers this who has deeper pockets and Automatic who is the sponsor for WordPress.com web hosting. JetPack is available for self-hosted sites like this one.

AdBlock is a problem so an active plugin is used to counter the attack. It will block uses galore who illegally tamper with the site content. The tool uses randomized elements that cannot be easily blocked. The countermeasures afford protection under the DMCA which forbids tampering.

I recommend all WordPress operators to use 128-bit or stronger passwords. Here is an example of a 256-bit secure password: fEx2Eqa)Le&jsSvvmhdgNB>Z36Z(nDp1ii4pN3IFqU. This strength is enough for TOP SECRET which satisfies the US government security requirements. US security standards are published for all to understand.

Taking some time to think about security can make your blog safe too.