The cable company replaced the HiTron CGNM-2250 with a new unit. Now the LAN speeds are 1000BASE-T instead of slow 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX speeds. Hopefully the replacement box will be stable and the site performance should be much better now.

The old modem never worked properly even with reboots galore. Wi-FI would cut out and worse. Wired machines were also dismally slow suggesting some serious issues. Now game updates are way faster and no change in the service suggesting that the old WiFi box was borked.

Testing remote desktop was dramatically better suggesting there were problems galore. Now the wired connections are showing orange which indicates 1000BASE-T speeds. One of my Ethernet cables seems to be damaged so I have dug out some replacements which are handy.

The gaming box has an Intel AX210 WiFi card which achieves close to the theoretical maximum speed for the first wave of 802.11ac which is supposed to exceed gigabit speeds if you believe the marketing people. Typically the AX210 is showing 867 MHz connection speed.

Real speed can be reached with single mode fiber but availability is limited locally. For now the hybrid cable internet is more affordable.


Crawlers found the site fast after the DNS change went live. Over time search bots have changed over time. Some are unknown while others are the usual suspects. The tool that identifies bots has been expanded substantially with known bots in a bid to cover all know bots. I am dissecting phpBB as well to identify more bots.

Given the traffic on the site, it is clear more work on the bot recognition is needed. A bookmark with over 100 forum posts can be harvested for more bot identification.


For some reason somebody’s Epson XP-830 is seen in the Windows Explorer Network area occasionally. The network is secure so the printer should not be able to connect. The Canon MB2320 is able to get an IP address but it is not recognized properly by the CGNM-2250 suggesting a firmware issue. Clearly nobody wants to fix defects, once sold users are fending for themselves.