Apple is now dispensing with AAC and are now replacing their entire 75 million song library with lossless version which are the same as the original compact disc. The studio has long use Apple Lossless with iTunes as the standard. Apple Lossless are about 50% of the size of the equivalent WAV file. Apple said the move will be active in June 2021.

Large capacity hard disks are pervasive which makes the idea practical. I have told Apple many times no sale for lossy audio such as MP3 or AAC. The entire iTunes library here was all imported from CDs.

Apple is selling lossless with their beats subscription service which was launched a few years ago. Apple supports Dolby Atmos for feature films as well. The new Bluetooth 5 standard has more bandwidth but Atmos is very demanding suggesting the Bluetooth .developers need to bump up the bandwidth more.

Bluetooth uses 2.4 GHz so WiFi should be set for band steering to move it to 5.0 GHz which is faster and more channels are available. This will allow Bluetooth to easily coexist with WiFi for years to come.

Apple had to old a larger Airpod which is now discontinued, the new Airpod Mini is much less expensive and smaller. I am not sure how to leverage Airpods for a surround system compared to the dual HDMI solution for sound bars etc.

The changes at Apple are much appreciated but much more is needed by consumers to achieve the best entertainment system possible. Apple suggest best results with Beats headphones.