eBay seems to have database errors galore with video cards. I was searching for 2GB GDDR5 or better with 2048MB VRAM or better. Almost every card presented the same message, we have looked everywhere and cannot find the item. This applies to 80% of the list of video cards. Cards were sorted for price plus shipping.

It seems that database errors are a common problem. I have experienced many problems with my website so any site with more rows is proportionally going to see more problems. WordPress is fairly tolerant of database problem to some extent. Some tables are critical and are needed to allow the site to render etc.

Content delivery systems all are built around a central database. Open source solutions are very popular but some prefer a custom solution.

MySQL works with InnoDB to provide the open source database for Linux and they have been rock solid. The tools are open source so they have teams looking them over for any faults that may be discovered.

Microsoft provided over 1 million lines of code to Linux mostly to support Hyper-V and Azure. Other corporations have also contributed substantial support.

Linux itself is rock stable, its the database that seems to accumulate errors. So the theme seems to be fine so it is one of the old plugins that have not been updated in years is more likely to be the culprit.

PHP8 is now the preferred language for WordPress. MySQL 8 is now finally in the repository.

Try this link and click on any of the video cards. eBay sais that many fraudulent listings were removed which is what I was running into but the select still found them suggesting the cleanup was problematic.