Lacuna was released on May 20, 2021 by Mayflower Entertainment, WhisperGames and Assemble Entertainment. The game was developed by DigiTales Interactive. Lacuna is a scroller action game.

This game has been updated several times since it was released.

A murder. A hack. A bombing. All it takes to plunge the solar system into war – unless you do something about it. Help CDI agent Neil Conrad make a string of increasingly difficult decisions in this modern dialog-driven adventure set in a gorgeous 2D sci-fi noir universe.

You are Neil Conrad, CDI agent. Awoken by the news of a murder, you rush into a case that will soon turn your life and the whole solar system upside down. Ask questions, collect evidence, and put the pieces together until the ugly truth reveals itself… or not.


  • Platformer movement controls (WASD / controller)
  • Non-repeating conversations and choices
  • Immersive, story-driven mysteries
  • Optional outlines on anything interactable
  • Story can always be driven forward
  • Real choices and multiple endings

Gameplay is faster than some recent games but its up the middle for action. There are maybe 100 scrollers in the game reviews by now. Over time the genre has improved graphics and action. Gone from PC vs old consoles, no hardware sprites to work with.

The game is driven substantially by interactive fiction. The movement is simple with sideways movement and ladders and elevators to change levels. The game is linear and only a few hours long, but its story develops and ends based on your actions. After finishing the game once, you may very well find yourself wanting to replay it to see if you can get to a different ending. Undoubtedly many would have liked the game to have lasteds bit longer.

If you don’t solve the Hotel case, you don’t get the Canal level at all, where you have a first chance to meet Ed and get the boat ID right, which will grant you access to the harbor in the next area. You have a second shot at talking to Ed if you manage to get access to the pier by helping Quinn, and only if you help him then, you’ll get the info about the wig. If you don’t have that, you fail the Sheet on the sniper’s appearance, which leads to the bloody shootout in the 1st act finale. As a result, you can’t interrogate Boyt and Gonzalez, which makes it harder to get some stuff the second act right. This ensures that even your early actions in the game have some bearing over its ending, but it’s also super punishing.

The game’s save the world edition includes the soundtrack. The game’s artwork is animated pixel graphics which are simply scaled to the particular LCD the player has. At 3840×2160 the game says its scaled 12x. Evidently Unity handles scaling which needs to be revamped to render games better at UHD and above.

This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages: explicit bad language, cartoon violence, use of tobacco & alcohol.


Operating SystemWindows 10 x64 or better
CPUIntel i5-6500k or better
Memory6 GB or more
Hard Drive Space3 GB
Graphics HardwareGTX 650 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required

This game uses the Unity engine