Now that Microsoft has worked with Windows 10 for several years, its definitely a very stable platform for gaming. Looking over the KB articles and issues identified, Microsoft fixes quickly. Of the KB issues over the last 3 years most of the problems were not game related. Many are security and many are simply bug fixes.

Video card drivers are now much more stable as well with the latest refinements to DX12. There does not seem to be any new directions from video card makers for a new wave of competition.

Video cards speculation is all over the dial. Such editorial is a waste of time. Better time spent reviewing games. All that is known is that NVIDIA is preparing some new RTX Ampere cards more suited to gaming. Most likely they will be at local vendors in 6-8 weeks. How many cards are available is unknown. It is also unknown if miners will be able to circumvent the antiming changes.

The video card problems may be at issue for sometime to come. The bitcoin saga still seems to attract more fools.