It seems that Appspot has dried up giving way to other efforts. Now various larger retailers are personated for sales, surveys and various other solicitations. Other spam herald free things and coupons etc. All of these are hollow tricks designed to fool somebody to click on the links.

Lately the odd message over a disabled account is seen. The spammers work on the percentages which is becoming a losers game as more become aware.

Many messages lately have targeted Shoppers Drug Mart. The problem is that I do not do significant business with them. I only use basic bank cards which have real cash back that is dumped in savings.

The volume of spam has fallen with the Appspot. but all of the corporate leaks mean email addresses have a short life expectancy.

Loyalty cards are abundant. Some stores use them for discounts. Legally the store in Canada has to have a house card for discount purposes. Privacy is protected by the Constitution Act and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.