So far I have only had 1 of the 2TB USB sticks. It lasted about 6 weeks before it was dead. The vendor refunded my money. I am still awaiting 2 more 2TB USB sticks I ordered that may surface in a few more weeks.

The fault is with the logic board, it is seen by windows but the storage is inaccessible. Testing in several machines shows the same error so the device is garbage. I am considering at least several high capacity 2TB for redundant backups.

Years ago USB sticks were tested for endurance and they typically have a reasonable drive write rating. Not enough experience with the new 2TB models and how good the really are..

Using 2TB is enough to backup a lot of media folders. 7-zip is a free tool to consolidate files into a set of archive files. Additional redundancy should be added as the bad blocks might be problematic.

A weekly backup can be rotated among several USB sticks labeled Fridays 1-5. USB reliability is much higher than one drive write per week. More sticks can be used for quarterly backups. Unplugged USB sticks are somewhat unaffected to ransomware. Keeping a DVD copy of Windows is convenient when a fresh install is necessary. DVD is immune once closed from malware etc,

Drive N: shows the fault of the 2TB USB stick. It is still visible but the media is inaccessible. This fault is unusual but it has been seen previously. The screenshot shows that it has faults. Explorer cannot format it and nether can Disk Manager.