Amazon Web Services has come under fire for lack of hard spending limits on accounts, after some users reported unexpected bills from what they thought were tutorial accounts.

AWS does not have a freemium business model (unlike, say, GitHub or Dropbox), but it does have “free tier” services that cost nothing to use, within their constraints (which may be severe).

Azure also has no hard controls on cost which result in similar problems. So Amazon and Microsoft are the same in the eyes of the studio. The site is self hosted to be free of page view limits. The Azure free tier chokes at 8,000 page views per month. Today the site traffic is higher so the site needs to be on a more expensive plan. The old laptop has 2 cores and 4 threads with a 240GB SSD which is equivalent a very expensive tier with Azure.

Azure and AWS are expensive as they spent a lot of cash on data centers so now they are attempting to rake in some earnings.

Github is used by the studio here for Open Source projects to support WordPress and Linux. Open source is free at Github. WordPress is GNU licensed which is free software. Anything I do is GNU to be consistent with WordPress. Themes and plugins are derivatives so they have to be GNU to be consistent.

Microsoft has donated millions of lines of code to the Linux kernel to make it more cloud friendly. IBM and others have also recognized open source is a viable option.