I check the site code view regularly to be sure the site has been damaged or setup wrong. WordPress is relatively stable and most components are stable.

WordFence and or Google illegally installs Goggle Analytics tracking into a site. That is illegal and I am reporting them here so everyone can see what kind of dirt bags they are. JetPack even wants your email address.

Small wonder my own Google Analytics was broken. My own stats tool is independent of of any provider, it simply checks for known bots and the rest are assumed to be human. The plug-in is similar to phpBB where the users are shown on the home page of their forum package. This way anyone visiting can see how many users and search engines are present at any given time. It is setup as a widget so it can be placed on the footer easily.

WordFence broke the law and that is why I post blog articles as this is a self hosted site. Many independent webmasters visit my blog which is public for all to read. WordPress is fine as self hosted as this eliminates overpriced hosting feeds from various providers that eat into the site coffee fund with a vengeance.

Immediately the Google wordpress plugin showed a large uptick demonstrating the error of the ways and means. Unlawful surveillance is a major crime. Helpful plugins are a minefield of abusive practices.

With the removal of the offensive plugins, Google Analytics now works properly. Page views are now where I expect. Page loading times are 50% better. These so called essentials are bloated beyond all reason.

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