Sabrent has surfaced with a SSD targetting Chia miners. The PlotRipper and PlotRipper Pro are high endurance SSD that the company hopes will appeal to the miners.

Earlier reports of SSD products failing after 40 days put a bad taste in mouth of Chia enthusiasts and they flocked to server class disks. Helium hard disks are now hard to find after Chia miners bought them out on mass.

Both Seagate and Toshiba hard disks are available but it may be some time before more disks are fabricated to satisfy market demands. While numbers of hard disks have fallen slightly the volume of EB quarterly has been drive mostly by the upgrade market.

Servers are largely loaded with 18TB disks. Some are using 20TB disks but the WD 18TB and 20TB disks are shingled media to achieve the capacity. Seagate has been testing HAMR disk technology and so far no results have been published.

Hyperscale systems do not often publish reports. Google published a paper several years ago and now only Backblaze has a blog on the topic. Even IBM is now quiet with their systems.

Sabrent's Plotripper SSDs aim to outlast the competition - Targets Chia miners

The green coloring is misleading as the SSD technology uses some exotic materials that are hazardous. SSD vendors are keen on publishing material safety reports. Apple is the focused on safety and they publish safety date on watches, tables, phones and computers. If more followed Apple’s lead the world would be a better place.

Sabrent's Plotripper SSDs aim to outlast the competition - Targets Chia miners

I would have to see the Crystal Disk report of one of the PlotRipper SSD showing the TDW values and operating hours etc. before accepting the high endurance rating.

Most mainstream SSD are more modest with the Samsung 980 PRO being the fastest M.2 SSD available.