It seems that Microsoft account on the X470 has been trashed so I have been forced to reset Windows yet again. Not sure why the machine is so finicky but I may be forced to replace the motherboard or system.

The last BIOS the MSI X470 Gaming Plus is a beta that came out a few months ago. Not sure if it is problematic. The X470 is used as a media center machine for the time being.

It may be that a different motherboard will be needed. The existing setup does not seem to be very stable. The RAM has been stress tested extensively and it is fine.

This fault has now spread widely so forcing things is not right. For the leaks that spilled billions of email accounts, up yours. Xbox games have stopped working, so now Redmond is busted for illegal surveillance.

After fixing the problem I was able to finish the Halo 3 campaign. Next in line is Halo 3: ODST.

halo 2 cortana