By the time September rolls in when schools open the vaccination levels should be high enough to return to classrooms. Sporting events should also finally reopen as well.

Canada is still well behind the curve. Hospitals are overloaded, 50% of the population is now at least single dose vaccinated which should be enough to slow the transmission rates. Full vaccinated at 80% of the population is unlikely.

TSMC mentioned some automotive parts in June. Other vendors were busy filling orders. Local stores had Xbox Series S and Series X for sale. PS5 consoles are less wily seen but available

Unemployment and high levels of homelessness are weighing on the workforce in many countries. Social problems need proper management to level out employment demands. Demands on recovery funds will likely amount to $10 trillion a year world wide.

High capacity hard disks should be more widely available as Seagate, Toshiba and Western digital are all ramping up production to handle the growing demand.

Video cards are a lost cause which suggests low end cards are all that will be available for the time being. 4K panels are demanding and while the RTX 2080 is well made, there is a slight chance it will fail.