The developer versions of Windows 10 suggest that Microsoft wants to make some significant changes. Microsoft will publicly discuss these new changes on June 24, 2021.

Most likely the new Surface machines and Windows will be bundled in the presentation. What is known is that Intel is developing a new class of processor with their 12th generation Alder Lake. The two CPU core types on “Alder Lake-S,” the performance “Golden Cove,” and the low-power “Gracemont” ones, operate in two entirely different performance/Watt bands, and come with different ISA feature-sets. The OS needs to be aware of these, so it knows exactly when to wake up performance cores, or what kind of processing traffic to send to which kind of core.

Most likely mobile processors will be more like Apple’s mobile processors looking forward. The advantage of the asymmetric architecture can extend battery life substantially.

Windows, the dominant operating system for personal computers, is the source of 14% of total revenue for Microsoft, one of the most valuable companies in the world. The company has pushed two updates each year to its Windows 10 operating system since it first became available in 2015. Microsoft cloud services with Azure is now the dominant source of revenue for Microsoft.