NVME 2.0 IN 2021

Most likely early next year NVMe 2.0 SSD products will come to the market. The existing Samsung 980 PRO SSD supports the current NVMe 1.3 standard. NVMe has grown from its early start with Z170 into a major feature for gaming. NVMe 2.0 will likely surface in the DDR5 migration expected in early 2021 when supplies of hardware are adequate..

Amber Huffman and Peter Onufryk developed the original specifications, releasing it in 2015. Now corporate support has grown to over 130 members.

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Corporate servers need more flexibility for SSD products and related technologies. Much of the base spec for NVMe 2/0 is supporting alternate command sets and merged with fabrics etc.

This roadmap shows how NVMe has evolved. For gaming the improvements looking forward are quite suitable for PCIe 5.0 and PCIe 6.0 speeds down the road.

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Right now Dell and HPE are the corporate titans for major corporate systems. Dell is spinning off VMware but it is not complete yet. HPE bought Cray. The cost of networking at present favors 40GBASE-x and 100GBASE-x fiber connections and some are eyeballing 200GBASE-x and 400GBASE-x when prices soften. 400GBASE-KR can reach 80km from one site to another supporting a vast metropolitan area network fabric.

It’s crazy with AI and GPU chips at 250 watts to 400 watts. And the rack is still 40U to 48U in size and surpassing 30 kW per rack. It’s getting to the point where servers can’t cool logic with air anymore. Carbon dioxide refrigerants are capable of handling container shipping and it can be ramped up as desired. The advantages of carbon dioxide are obvious.