Search engines are not a big contributor here and have not been for years. Direct traffic is dominant by far with loyal readers. Google has improved the page rank to some extent but it may be several more weeks before the traffic recovers to historic levels.

The bot traffic tool shows heavy bot traffic has been dominating the site traffic. Bots outnumber humans by a 2:1 ratio at present. Overall, human traffic is running at around 15,000-20,000 or so pageviews per month at present. It’s hard to estimate as traffic bursts come and go. Traffic is lower most likely due to seasonal activities. In winter the traffic is above 30,000 page views. Content popularity also influences traffic substantially. Top pages lately include:

The old Crysis review has a fix for modern Windows and it is now one of the most popular posts on the site.

Direct traffic has represented over 50% of the human traffic. Bot traffic is heavy but varies substantially over time. While in Canada, search engines from around the world are all crawling the site. Even has finally began to show the site albeit way down the list. Baidu has slowly grown as a traffic source suggesting gaming is of growing interest.


Search any engine wth “hardcoregames”:

Baidunot found


Яндексу необходимо поработать над тем, как функционирует их база данных и возможно использовать искусственный интеллект, чтобы он лучше выбирал контент как в русскоязычном, так и англоязычном сегменте интернета.


Google now recognizes the site’s latest domain. It may still before the content is more relevant for the contemporary needs of the gaming community. Google alters now recognizes some of the content suggesting the indexing is ongoing. One change make was to block indexing of images mostly to reduce site traffic. Hosting images as a CDN is not the idea in mind. Google seems to be all over the dial with the way they see the site. Lately they have settled in at 3,904 pages.

The Google Site Kitchart is a moving 28 day average which tends to smooth day to day fluctuations. The moving average is also used when analyzing the stock market trends. It seems that Google is moving sideways at 400-500 referrals per 28 days. Google has the best tool for an administrator with a panel for the main admin view while Bing has nothing.

The post on the $99,999 RTX 3060 was a traffic spike that lasted 7-8 hours before it petered out. Apparently it was shared all over as there was close to 300 page views in total. Earth to Google, come in Google, earth to Google.

The post on games and Windows 8 still was the highest traffic load so far. Google dumped about 30,000 page views in one day. It ran for a week before it petered out. Microsoft fixed all of the problems with Windows on that post with the 8.1 update.

Microsoft Clarity is a new analytics tool

Bing has been insignificant with a moving average of 90 referrals per 28 days. It appears that while Bing has crawled the site the logic of analysis still seems to be below expectations. Bing has a URL submission tool for WordPress but this is not what a site needs. Bing is riddled with errors likely driven by the extensive content on the site. The Bing webmaster site shows a 20 URL submission limit which means larger sites are up against the wall. Bing fixed it after they looked at how rich the site content is.

Search referrals often after reading the landing page and check out the home page given an extra page view. Sometimes a new article catches the eye and yet another page view. Ads are based in impressions.


Many of the smaller search engines which use Bing or Google to provide data are now also recognizing the site. When the sitename is page ranked 1, this goodwill should in time wake up search and bring more traffic to the site from new markets. WordPress is easily translated to any language however machine translation still needs some improvements.

简数数据采集和发布平台 (Simplified data collection and release platform) is able to submit content widely to search engines in Asia generally. The tool will be evaluated in a month to see if any new search tools surface.

Yandex has the site on the radar albeit way down the list. Baidu has not noticed at all after searching 500 deep on the site. Chrome can search and it makes it easy to check search rank.


The usual trademark infringers are dilutive and when I get around to it, the are going to face trademark litigation. On the todo is a long list of claims. Once COVID-19 is history the studio will be more powerful and able to provide better content.


Retirement, when I fall over dead. Regardless that I feel Left 4 Dead, if I can still press the fire button I can still play Halo. The Spartan Master Chief returns for a new saga in Halo: Infinite.

Been updating a lot of posts on the site based on search engine results. Keywords are not necessarily very useful but URL taxonomy is more useful. There is lots of room now for a title with the theme in use and the layout.

The Lenovo X230 is close to 10 years old and it still runs fine. The 240GB mSATA SSD has lots of room for the site. mSATA span to 960GB and SATA SSD span to 8TB now. So the X230 is still a viable unorthodox server. SATA SSD prices have continued to tumble.