Seagate expects to manufacture 50 TB hard drives by 2026 and 100 TB by 2030  | Tekfiz - Mobile, Gaming, Technology and Digital Culture

Showa Denko has developed FePt-based new magnetic material and technology to mass-produce HAMR-technology-based HD media with this new magnetic material. This FePt-based new magnetic material has ultra-high ordering temperature, which was thought to be difficult to realize on the surface of HD media coated with conventional magnetic material.

Seagate has outdistanced other HDD manufacturer in technological development of HAMR-based HDDs. Under the joint development contract, SDK and Seagate have entered into, Seagate will evaluate the FePt-based new magnetic material developed by SDK and/or SDK/Seagate collaboratively. We expect this alliance will further accelerate technological development pioneered by the two companies.

Theoretical maximum data storage density achievable with conventional magnetic recording technology is 1.14Tb/in2. On the other hand, theoretical data storage density achievable with HAMR technology is said to be about 5 to 6Tb/in2. Therefore, it is expected possible to equip a unit of 3.5” HDD with storage capacity of about 70 to 80Tb.

A 2019 annual results report reveals it is making MAMR (Microwave-assisted Magnetic Recording) platters for Toshiba. Western Digital is also likely to be a customer sooner or later.