The Windows 10 KB4023057 is still being distributed as an update readiness tool. Several users of Windows 10 are mired with an unsuitable system volume.

Old machines like the HP Stream 7 have only got 32GB of primary storage. Such tight storage means that updates consume all available space. Even machines with 64GB are hard pressed to resort to reset Windows frequently to be able to have a supported version of Windows installed.

For this reason I retrofitted my Lenovo X220 and X230 with 240GB SSD so that Windows or Linux would be able to be effective. The older T400 and T500 have SATA SSD installed.

The disk cleanup tool can only go so far. The reset Windows also has some limitations when documents and photos are gobbling up storage. These can be moved to secondary storage such as an SD card or a USB stick.

Windows reset now downloads the latest updates and components so that when windows is ready its good for fool support.