AMD and NVIDIA are both in a pickle with gamers. The sold all of their cards to bitcoin et all mining. They did not bother to make more cards for gaming needs. This is the reason why the gaming community is so incensed.


It’s fortunate that the EVGA RTX 2080 was available as the card was sorely needed to handle 3840×2160 panels. NVIDIA raised the price of Turing by $100 over Pascal mostly to make more money cashing in on the feeding frenzy of bitcoin et al.

Lots of photos are available with people using 100 cards to mine digital assets. Part of the problem is that human nature tends to want passive income so they can lounge around smoking and drinking beer all day.

AMD and NVIDIA are aware of the mining demands so it’s not rocket science to manufacture more cards for all who want one. As a result there is a possible violation of law. Artificial scarcity is illegal.

The video card industry is an oligopoly. When Intel gets their cards into the market it will still be an oligopoly with three players instead of two.

The rationale for open source is to eliminate scarcity. Microsoft has some 1.3 billion users as they support a grey market with low cost keys and simply look the other way. For this reason, while a monopoly, the marginal cost is now so low even the poorest can use it. Windows 10 can run on a potato class machine with such easy system requirements.

When AMD put out the Athlon 3000G for $50 each, the only gripe is that not nearly enough of them were made. Globally there are a lot of people who use the A320 or B350 and an Athlon 3000G. The studio grabbed one of the Athlon 3000G processors for general test and development purposes. The Athlon 3000G is 2 cores and 4 threads which competes with Intel’s cheapest processors and it can recognize 128GB of memory fine.

The low end of the market is not happy with shortages of GT 710 cards but MSI recently reintroduced the GT 730 which is slightly more expensive. The GT 730 is a seven year old Kepler class card that is speculated to be dropped soon by NVIDIA for new drivers. At present Kepler cards are still supported fine.

The garment industry is a real joke. Burberry burned clothes, perfumes and bags. Burberry destroy unwanted items to prevent them being stolen or sold cheaply.

Years ago back before CD-ROMs, games came on ROM cartridges. Atari dumped 10-20 semi-tailor truck loads to an Arizona dump in September 1983. The cartridges were crushed and buried. Warner ended up buying Atari after the news spread far and wide. Atari was way out of line with market reality making far too many cartridges above the existing console base. Its sales were hurt by a lack of good software and a number of crippling business practices on the part of Atari senior management. Today Atari is nothing but a footnote in history.