Halo: Infinite will likely influence Destiny 2 looking forward. Seasons in Destiny 2 are time limited while Halo they are perpetual and remain indefinitely. DLC in Destiny is useless after the season while in Halo: Infinite it will be an expansion to the basic game. These differences will likely be on the minds of managers at Bungie. Next week season 7 of Halo: MCC is launching with a nice update to Halo: Combat Evolved. Beta testing of Halo: Infinite is likely to launch in August.

Bungie has make it more nécessary to buy form the Eververse. Certain strikes and raids have been removed from the game with new expansions, leaving players with less content. Used to be DLC was perpetual but not with Destiny 2. Bungie did mention that the game was becoming unwieldy from a development perspective. Hiring more developers can help overcome the problems.

One of the most frustrating instances of exclusivity is during the Solstice of Heroes event, which has glowing armor pieces that are unavailable once the event is over, and past armor sets from this event are not made available again.

Destiny 2 surfaced originally on Battle.net but after the publishing contract with Activision expired Bungie moved to Steam where it was a popular move. Bungie did things right by allowing all DLC and achievements etc to be migrated.


Halo is also on Steam so there is now some real competition in the shooter market. Destiny 2 is a fabulous game that easily rivals anything Halo has to offer. Halo: MCC has the disadvantage of coming from the Xbox 360 with limited memory that forced Bungie to limit maps. Destiny 2 has no such baggage and the game worlds are far more extensive and there are several planets to visit.

The Halo story is a tad disheveled due to the limitations of the original platforms. A reimagined Halo might alter the old games slightly with changes to the campaign to straighten out the story better.

PC gamers are also disappointed that Xbox does not want to publish Halo 5: Guardians on Steam. The studio is confident that the game will sell well over 1 million licenses on Steam. Halo: Infinite will likely sell over 10 million on the PC making the console know who the real master race is. Halo: Infinite can now be wishlisted in Steam so that when it get closer to released it can be procured.

Halo 5 was reputed to 125GB on the XBox One making it one of the largest games console peasants have seen in recent years. Small wonder many console peasants retrofitted the storage on their consoles to cope with larger games. Xbox makes the system software available to install on a new hard disk or SATA SSD. The Xbox One, like the PS4 is only SATA II which does limited performance. The XBox One X has SATA III which does load games faster.Updating the hard disks is not hard but the lower prices for SATA SSD make them a viable option, 2TB hard disks are very low cost now which can be used externally or shucked and stuffed into the console.


The Xbox Series X comes with only 1TB of primary SSD storage but an expansion SSD is possible. Its not yet known how big Halo: Infinite will be but its designed for 3840×2160 which is also the PC resolution of choice.

Some comments about abandoning the console have to look at the number of Xbox Series X consoles sold so far. Local host gaming is far better than any cloud venture can imagine. Cloud services are expensive due to the nature of the hyperscale business model. Even hard disks for web sites are expensive at $20 per month for higher traffic sites. To match the old Lenovo laptop in use needs 4 core and 240GB SSD which is more than $1000/mo at Azure.

Destiny 2 screenshot

Halo: Infinite is definitely looking like it will raval Destiny 2 and then some. The level of detail in the screenshots suggest Halo’s artwork is going to take on a leadership position. Competition in gaming makes it better for all the players who can appreciate the quality workmanship of the top teams in the industry. Destiny 2 has some excellent artwork which is a real oasis amidst a sea of mediocrity.