Most WordPress based sites use security. So far only one malicious attacker from the Ukraine ( has been banned for attempting to hack into the site. The user has been attacking the site using some shell script and WGET to attempt to find a security flaw. WordPress is very secure which is why its the most popular package for websites out there.

This tool can block malicious users by IP address. It has a rich selection of other features and its open source on GitHub where anyone can contribute.

The Ukraine hacker can waste somebody else’s bandwidth. The site accepts legit users who are welcome. Miscreants are attempting to gain access to spread ransomware and worse. It’s vital to use 256-bit grade passwords to be sure hacking the user passwords is impossible. Linux uses a salt so that its immune to copying of the user database.

Looking at Amazon, 621 clicks from 351 impressions yesterday. Not sure what is going on with the false clicks but the parties are now banned from the site.

A bizarre search for an image img_6070cf179452d.jpg which is not in the media library. So far many attempts to find this on the site suggest some malicious activity. The filename is now searchable by WordPress,