It sees that the Toshiba 12TB hard disk disappears and requires a reboot to get it back. This happens when the machine goes into standby. Appartantly Toshiba does not design their disks for possible gamer use.

The capacity of the disk is plenty for a media machine which is what the old X470 has been repurposed for. The machine is not equipped with a video card as the R5 2400G integrated graphics is adequate. The RM650 PSU is efficient which minimizes power consumption. The machine is not powered down but it idles at low power.Over

More disks will be procured later in the year once supplies are better. The mining craze has gobbled up disks galore in the hop to strike it rich. At the moment the local vendors are out of stock of larger capacity disks.

Over time the older low capacity disks have been removed in favor of larger capacity disks. Given the issues with the Toshiba disk it does beg the question of suitability.

The disk will be stuffed in the X470 and if it is stable it will adopt the iTunes media library. Moving the games to another disk probably will take over 48 hours to complete. Write speeds to drive managed shingled disks is slower. One of the 8TB disks hosts Origin Games and other loader assets. Games can be moved to other disks easier in most cases.

Hopefully supplies of hard disks improve sooner than later so that when more games surface there will be adequate room for all of them.