Eons ago I ordered a Dorel Galaxy TV Stand. The stand weights close to 100lbs which is a tad more than most can handle. The handy dolly is indispensable for larger items,

The packaging was crushed probably from transit across the country. The trip from Montreal is 4,800 miles or so from Vancouver Island. The parts survived. The styrofoam was a mess as it broke into many small pieces that needed to be cleaned up.

The problem with purchase was a real comedy of errors.

I bought the stand from Home Depot on May 19, 2021 which has delivery which makes it possible for smaller communities to get furniture.

I used PayPal but the first attempt failed and expired so I reauthorized it a second time. On the last day before expiration it finally cleared. Then it took Home Depot another week to figure that out and even issue a UPS shipping order.

The result is that what should have been delivered between May 22-28 ended up in mid June. I called Home Depot several times inquiring and while staff were helpful clearly there are major issues.

Generally PayPal is posted immediately to my bank account as a pending. It clears by the next day. Home Depot seems to be out of order with banking. Steam is good, NewEgg is fine, Home Depot is not.

After unpacking the TV stand it is clearly an undertaking to assemble. The parts have letters to identify them to ease assembly. The screws for the cam bolts need a heavy #2 and/or #3 Phillips screwdriver to install them properly. The smaller screws are less troublesome.