law & order organized crime

Given it takes time to shoot television and movies the immunization campaign will likely need to reach 95% to be able to resume normal operations. Immunization resistance by many is disappointing and new variants are causing a new spike that is spreading rapidly. Everyone needs at least two dozes to be filly immunized.

Over the last 2 years many shows have been cancelled. The tough economic conditions have forced many networks world wide to slash budgets and resort to reruns until normal shooting can resume and more money comes into advertising.

New TV shows will have it tough to attract an adequate audience to earn enough to justify spending money on additional seasons.

Law & Order: Organized Crime is the latest spin-off of the popular Law & Order drama series and season 1 just concluded last week after airing just 8 episodes. May 14, 2021, NBC renewed the series for a second season. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has survived for 22 seasons. The 23rd season was ordered on February 27, 2020. Not much news from NBC over changes to their content.

 In February 2021 CBS announced that NCIS: New Orleans is cancelled after 7 seasons. CBS seems to want to have some new talent. CBS has cancelled several other shows,

Netflix has also gutted a lot of shows. Fox is also revamping. The fall 2022 should being a bing improvement in programming as the coniotomy recovers,

Most new shows can be produced over a 90-120 day window once a show is selected for a season. Movies tend to need a 9-12 month window for most major motion features. So once immunization levels reach 90% the entertainment sector should bounce back.


Evidently when Star Trek: The Next Generation was remastered for BD, the original film had to be rescanned and composited fresh. The cost was evidently $12.5 million and the marketing was a disaster. Neither Star Trek: Deep Space 9 or Star Trek: Voyager was ever scanned properly so its very unlikely to see them on Blu-Ray. More recent iterations of Star Trek was shot on widescreen so these shows are available on BB media.