Team Fortress 2 has a a plague of bots playing the game. Valve anti cheat can handle some situations but the bot player is a new threat to gaming. Over time bots have grown in sophistication substantially. Team Fortress 2 is now 14 years old and still vast number of players can be found there. The reason is that the game will run on a potato.

There’s now a tool to control how many times players can change their name in a match, for instance, and for public matchmaking it seems this has been set to zero – thus preventing bots from frequently changing their names or mimicking real players.

The update also introduces a grace period at the start of matches to prevent players immediately calling votes, which should put the brakes on bots that are trying to deliberately clog up the vote-kick system. Similarly, players joining an in-progress game will face a cooldown before they can call a vote.

Hopefully the changes will make the game safer for all players. Miscreants are abundant which is a problem.