TeamGroup has launched their first DDR4-4800 memory in a 2x16GB configuration. MSRP is $310.99.

  • TED532G4800C40DC01
  • Elite Series
  • 32GB (2 x 16GB)
  • 40-40-40-77
  • 1.1V operation

The RAM is indicated on the NewEgg store as out of stock but at least now the product number is known. Looking at the wait states it suggests that DDR5 is facing the same issues as DDR3 and DDR4 with slow cell read/write times. Cache memory has grown to compensate for slow main memory performance.

  • JEDEC DDR5 On-die ECC, Stable Performance
  • Increased Fundamental Frequency, Faster Speeds
  • Unleashed Capacity, Stronger Multitasking
  • Improved Structural Composition, Greater Efficiency
  • Reduced Working Voltage, Better Energy Efficiency

DDR5 prices at launch will be expensive which will dissuade adoption. Typically prices will ease after 6-12 months given the price deflator for RAM has persisted for generation after generation.

Moving to 16GB sticks means 4x16GB for 64GB is more overkill for contemporary games. Consoles are a guidepost for PC gaming performance. DDR4 32GB DIMMs are available but again it’s excessive. Dollars to donuts this RAM will be $149 in the summer of 2022.

High refresh panels are making dual video cards more desirable. Alternate frame rendering can handle the higher rendering required. The sector has moved away from dual cards which is to the frustration of gamers who need higher performance with 144Hz LCD panels.