The value of social media seems to be not worth one plug nickel. The reason is that even the contextual ads so not always catch a bite. Innate traffic averages maybe 25,000-40,000 or so page views per month. Google seems to be more focused on users while ads I have deployed look at page views, impressions and viewability. 75% of the traffic here is direct.

The users online tool has allowed me to remove a lot of malicious users. Maintaining the tool has allowed me to get a better handle on page views per month.

While Twitter users have grown slightly of late, Facebook has been static. LinkedIn seems to be a wildcard for ideas. Social traffic has been negligible. Facebook seems to be finding more and more accounts being deactivated.

YouTube slashed compensation so no motivation. Twitch is more recent but internet upstream speeds are inadequate for streaming live. Canadian internet plans are fine for watching Apple TV but useless for being the latest feature creature.

Over time content is growing as I copy content from the old Front Page site. Much of it is done but some old PDF scans of notebooks I scanned are being typed up into a set of posts.

The catalogs of games on the site are mostly to provide some direction towards leveraging the database. WordPress can handle very lengthily posts of 4000 objects in an unordered list. By using CSS the post has 2 columns to make the posts 1/2 as lengthy. A style is also available for 3 columns.

WordPress handling of tables is poor, it does not recognize any of the more advances style components. colspan and rowspan can make for more sophisticated table for a range of purposes. The only way to have a rich table is to use custom HTML which is a crude way to handle the shortcomings.