The image library is still a mess but better than it used to be. There are tools to get rid of orphan images but the storage needed is not an issue. There are a lot of images for Halo in the library and some of them will be replaced which will leave more orphaned images. Some games have 2 or 4 images and there are still some duplicated images. Freed up a substantial amount of storage from unattached images. Recovered space is now available for new 4K screenshots. By the time the 240GB SSD is out of room a new server will be in use mind you 960GB mSATA SSD are available. SATA SSD reach 8TB so the Lenovo X230 has a long service life assuming the machine survives.

The header image is a ultra deep blue gradient which appears irradiant on a HDR10 or better panel. On a cheap panel the effect is not noticed.

By blocking images in the robots.txt file traffic for images in negligible. Now that it is cleaned up its not a bad as it was. Still this is not a content delivery network, it’s is simply a small niche site that has grown over the years.

More and more screenshots are accumulating in the media library. The idea that a picture is worth a thousand words gives motivation to embed screenshots in the text.

Halo 5: guardians screenshot 1

Halo 5 is still not available for the PC and many have inquired. The game is large on the console at around 125GB.


The catalogs of games are being positioned as an index into the database by platform. While the site does not have every Xbox game reviewed the Xbox 360 did bring more quality games to the market. There is surprisingly little overlap with the Nintendo Wii and other consoles. Periodically the catalogs are linked to more and more game reviews.