Windows 11 is now available,.Testing Windows 11 with Windows 10 Hyper-V failed with the R5 3600 processor. Making some room at the end of the SSD can allow dual boot which is an option.

Currently: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19043.1081]

TPM hardware has been seen on Lenovo machines for more than a decade. TPM was used for Bitlocker so that stolen machines were secure from copying data. Entry level machines never had a TPM chip on the logic board due to the cost. AMD with socket AM4 has the TPM as part of the CPU die in a separate enclave. In a laptop where the BIOS never changes it works fine.

Windows 11 requires TPM 2.0 support. The desktop with the MSI X570-A PRO is still actively maintained with BIOS updates. A BIOS update resets the TPM which breaks Windows. Microsoft is misguided relying on the TPM for the logon and PIN as the BIOS is reset with an update. Forcing the TPM means no security or compatibility updates. Windows 10 runs fine with secure boot disabled and even with UEFI off.

With AGESA updates its possible to upgrade the CPU on the X570 from new model processors. The Ryzen 3000 introduced PCIe 4.0 and Ryzen 5000 offered improved performance.

You need to have Windows 21H2 installed to be able to upgrade to Windows 11 when it reaches RTM this fall. Make sure your BIOS is stable as updates will break Windows.

AMD has been known to release new AGESA tables to support new processors. The HE1 shows that the BIOS is the first beta version of the HE BIOS which surfaced a week ago. The new BIOS has additional AGESA tables but its unknown what other changes have been done.


Download the 64-bit ISO from this convenient torrent. The media creation tool will be updated down the road, This ISO will not install if the TPM is disabled.