Now with 4 of the ST8000DM004 hard disks the storage situation is now improved. The 4 disks make up for 32TB of storage which is in addition to the existing storage. The Obsidian 750D has 9 disk bays so the ability to handle a vast amount of storage is easily done.

At present the ST8000DM004 is now selling in Canada for $199 plus taxes. Shipping is free from NewEgg. In April, the ST8000DM004 was $209.99 play tax so the disk has declined in price. The cost per GB is now down to 25 cents which is not bad. In time the cost per GB will likely fall to 10 cents in a few years.

JBOD is the way most gaming rigs are setup as. The simplicity of having more games installed in desirable when screenshots are needed for when games are overhauled. Windows can support 26+ drives so 9 drive bays is not a problem.

The ST8000DM004 are low cost which makes them handy for general purpose. These are known to be drive managed shingled disks but they seem to be reliable enough. Some errors were more of a nuisance than anything.

The third ST8000DM004 ws procured in April so now the fourth one has been procured. Over time some older disks will be replaced with more larger capacity models. For now empty pays will be populated before old disks are retired.

Lower prices for the ST8000DM004 make them attractive. For some reason NewEgg in Canada does not offer Seagate Compute Pro series disks which are available in larger capacity.

Higher capacity disks are still in short supply so the low cost per GB puts the ST8000DM004 in the sweet spot. Eventually a larger capacity disk will replace the pool of existing disks but that may take a few years for it to happen.