The new Windows Store in Windows 11 is very competitive. The cost for vendors is lower than almost all other vendors. Third-party app stores are already a thing on Windows, and there’s little Microsoft can do about it. Windows still remains open for game companies loaders etc. Recent figures suggest Steam is bringing in several billion dollars of revenue per year. Steam, remember, is almost totally reliant on Windows for its users.

The move represents a sizeable shift for Microsoft, as it currently collects a 15 per cent cut of app revenues (12 per cent for games). That’s not all. Microsoft is also working hard to incorporate third-party app stores inside its own app store. One of the biggest headlines from the Windows 11 launch event was that it’ll let you run Android apps. And the way this will work is by aggregating Amazon’s (Android) App Store inside the Microsoft Store.

All that is left now is to get iOS apps running and then mobile development will experience a quantum boost with more developers. Amazon, of course, will continue to take its 20 per cent cut of the revenues that pass through its servers. But Microsoft doesn’t apparently care.

Competition has reduced the cost of games for some players. If Steam reduced fees then gaming should come back completely.