At present with the latest installation of another ST8000DM004 hard disk, the gaming box now reaches 48TB. The ST8000DM004 is low cost which makes them good for general storage. At present there is just one Toshiba 12TB server disk in the pool but Chia mining has bought up many of them leaving the low cost Seagate disks to gamers.

When moving data most of the time the ST8000DM004 is whisper quiet. Sometimes when moving larger amounts of data from one disk to another can make the head movement audible. Drive managed shingled disks are slower as the controller has to handle the layering. The disk does not know the nature of the data being written so all it can do is handle the writes on a file by file basis.

The number of operating hours on some disks has grown over time and the prospect for even longer hours in service can be expected for NAS use etc. Smaller 4 disk and larger NAS boxes are ideal for backups and media libraries.Unfortunately some older NAS boxe do not report the operating hours for the disk pool making it important to have 2 spare disks. The larger 6 and 8 disk NAS boxes are less popular due to the higher costs but they have some advantages with better logic boards and other features.

Estimated MTBF is greater than155,719hours
Average operating hours14,599hours
Annual Failure Rate5.47%
Average operating (years)1.67years

The MTBF is calculated from actual data. Some authors suggest service life is 25% of stated MTBF. In actuarial analysis, the populations true service life is impossible to know as functioning disks are removed and replaced with larger capacity models. This creates a right censored value which impacts real life. Backblaze tends to install more servers rather than retrofit existing servers.