TSMC reported profits are up 20% year over year. The company has their order book filled so executing the order for wafers is earning them a lot of cash. Apple is using the 5 nm line this year again so the redesign should be slightly faster.

NVIDIA is using Samsung 8nm and AMD is using TSMC 7nm. Now that Apple is done with 5nm they can now contemplate a new generation of video cards but probably a few million cards are needed.

TSMC has expanded into the US but that line will not be available until 2022. Intel is also expanding so come 2022 the supply of semiconductors should be better. A flood will be favorable when Windows 11 matures. Windows 10 is still supported through 2025 so there is abundant lead time for modernization.

SSD demand has been high which looks to see increased growth. Kioxia is expecting organic growth to continue into 2025 and beyond.

Most likely several more lines are needed to modernize the industry. A lot of logic is made on old line and modernization would go far to saving power longer term.