Isekai Eternal was released on July 14, 2021 by Subdream Studio. The game was developed by Substream Studio. A Fantasy MOBA game that focuses on champions summoned from other worlds to fight in the Isekai Wars. Take control of powerful champions, and fight for freedom or domination!

Countless champions have been summoned from infinite universes to Nava to battle in the Isekai Wars. It’s up to you to lead these all-powerful champions into battle in this realistic, MOBA-style game. Beautiful, engaging lore surrounds our world and its many champions. Discover the backgrounds of each hero before they were summoned to fight in the Isekai Wars! Learn about how the Isekai Wars began.

Capture and control structures in order to unlock the powerful ability to teleport between lanes quickly. Fighting alongside your titan, you should repel the enemy to get to where a boss monster is to win the game.

The standard MOBA mode has 3 lanes + jungle MOBA formula with new unique features such as a powerful Final Boss that fights back and conquest points that can be captured to teleport across the map! The Sudden Death mode (Battle Royal mode) will be intended for large free-for-alls, as well as smaller team sizes. Within this mode, players will have a set amount of time to grow their strength before death becomes final, and the imminent enclosing playfield initiates. [This mode is still heavily in development and will evolve greatly over the coming months].

The game server is currently located in the US. The developer hopes to have international servers to make gaming easier. Playtesting the game found nobody playing.


Operating SystemWindows 7 x64 or better
CPUIntel Core i3 or better
Memory2 GB or more
Hard Drive Space2 GB
Graphics HardwareDX10 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required