Corsair’s forum has endured a lot of spam. They are not the only one and managing it has been a headache for my forum operators. The forum itself predates the establishment of Corsair.

Many forums battle spam and having used phpBB myself I have seen a lot of crap out there. Some forums packages such as the one for QuickPar which was using punBB was overrun by spam destroying the server. Corsair is using vBulletin which is commercial. Many forum packages have been trashed by spammers suggesting some miscreants spend all day trying to find security faults.

Over on the phpBB forum spam has figured prominently as CAPTCHA attempts galore all failed. Eventually a question and answer system for new users was popular but now Google’s CAPTCHA is the latest contestant. The main problem with Google is the low resolution of the images.

Spammers are a constant nuisance for every forum operator out there.