colors of usb sticks

While waiting on the slow boat from China for some USB sticks a different model with more color seems like it has some potential. The low cost USB sticks all used the USB 2.0 interface so they have the broadest compatibility. There are now some models with dual USB-A and USB-C interfaces which are becoming more common.

There are such a diversity of models in the market for USB storage that it boggles the imagination.

Most models span 256GB to 2TB which seems to be the standard today. The larger capacity are not expensive which makes them interesting.

Windows file history is a backup solution for personal computers. The large capacity is less expensive than a hard disk. By placing the USB stick on the back of the machine it can be selected just like a USB hard disk for backup.

Some vendors are now using SpeedPak which is faster than the slow boat from China. SpeedPak take only 3-4 weeks to surface while the slow boat can take 3-4 months. The cost for shipping is higher but its worth it to assure timely delivery.

The model shown is the last series procured. This model has a eye on it to clip it to backpack etc.