The AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is a big step for AMD, offering the RX 6000 series graphics cards a much-needed boost with ray tracing and giving gamers with older cards a helping hand at a time when buying new GPUs is so difficult. That said, Super Resolution isn’t just a copy of DLSS. In addition to supporting hardware from AMD and Nvidia, Super Resolution uses a different upscaling technique that could dethrone DLSS as the go-to upscaling option.

AMD introduced Super Resolution was first seen with 21.6.1 which AMD demonstrated at the the dog and pony show at CES 2021. The source code is available for free to developers on AMD’s GPUOpen platform, and it’s available through the Unreal Engine 4 and Unity game engines. Basically, any developer, regardless of their budget or connections, can get FSR working in their games.

Hardly anyone is using RDNA 2 cards for gaming, almost all of the cards are mining bitcoin etc. The scale of some operations with over 500,000 video cards is hard to imagine.