Local new reported a few bottles of AstraZeneca were trashed due to a lack of demand. Earlier today I was able get my second dose of Pfizer which should achieve about 95% protection in 3-4 weeks. Then I can get back to being sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Locally there seems to be about 60-70% of the population has at least one dose of Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca. The local clinic was not at all busy and I was not waiting at all. Evidently many who have not yet received their first dose yet could get it as well.

The clinic evidently was allowing walkins to get vaccinated. Evidently very few there today were for their first dose, instead they were like me waiting for their second dose.

Many areas are also reporting slumping demand. This suggests many are preferring to tough it out with delta variant which is far more infectious. COVID-19 is not a laughing matter, over 4 million have died already and that number is growing. Apathy is outright lethal.


India is in desperate shape for COVID-19 and local authorities believe several million more deaths can be expected. Exact numbers of COVID-19 related deaths are unavailable as cause of death is not generally done before burial.

China has two companies making inoculations but supplies are not finding their way to the general population. A prudent course of action would be to provide immunization to the entire populations.

Latin America is also struggling with primarily delta variant. Israel has started a third dose campaign after noticing delta infections in fully vaccinated persons.