quake ii rtx screenshot
Quake II RTX

One of the reasons why games like Quake II have such small maps is due to the limited memory contraint of machines of the period. Quake II has several mechanisms to switch to different maps. Doom 3 also used several mechanisms to segment the game world.

Halo: MCC also has lots of doors and segmentation to the game maps. This is driven by the limitations of the Xbox 360.

Even with machines equipped with 8GB RAM and a 2GB video card found games still used the door or portal extensively in the game world. Halo 4 uses lots of doors but the game also uses portals.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has to be one of the best shooters out there. The game’s campaign is carved up into several missions ranging from WWII to a modern Russian incursion etc. The game is now sold on steam but it requires and EA account for multiplayer. The campaign is outright legendary.

Rage was unusually large for an open game world id software said that the advanced tessellation make the game world far better looking while reducing RAM requirements. The work with Rage really set the tone for what could be done with games,

No Man’s Sky was criticized for being too ambitious but over time the game was expanded and refined making it a popular title. Large updates have been published for the game several times with new game maps etc. No Man’s Sky is a procedural game design which makes it a tough to develop package s compared to 3D Studio and a game engine etc.

Destiny 2 is very spacious. This is due to the experience of Bungie with game development and the game offers several “planets” to visit with different game wolds.

Modern games like Cyberpunk 2077 have larger spacious areas before entering indoors. Most games from the Xbox One period are more spacious than Xbox 360 period games as the new consoles have 16x more memory.