IBM Storage has not exactly been a growth story over the last few decades but now IBM has introduced Ransomware protection to their StoFlashSystems SSD products. IBM has long used a partition architecture and these is being used to create secure enclaves.

IBM storage hardware revenues are strongly affected by its System Z mainframe cycle. As its sales rise and fall, so too does the DS8000 line of mainframe storage. The SD8000 line has been modernized and migrated to rack based servers along with the mainframe. Today the SD8000 is now flash based for maximum performance.

Cloud & Cognitive Software revenues rose 6.1% to $6.1 billion; revenues of Global Business Services segment totaled $4.3 billion, up 11.6%; and Global Technology Services revenues remained almost flat at $6.3 billion. Meanwhile, Systems revenues declined 7.3% to $1.7 billion, and revenues of Global Financing segment fell 8.6% to $242 million. IBM also reported a $6.3 billion reduction in debt over the last 18 months.

Many banks and large corporations have used mainframes but in the modern age has seen some changes in the industry. A mainframe is a rack based server like any Intel or AMD server box. Mostly today the IBM Z system simply runs legacy applications.

IBM System/390 was the first mainframe to become a machine on the network and today with fiber based connections the idea of a mainframe has changes immensely. Network equipment to bridge from Fiber Channel to Ethernet is readily available.

IBM was smart to grab Red Hat which revolutionized the way things worked at IBM. Red Hat has really turned the old mainframe vendor into a modern cloud vendor.