In early beta testing of New World, users of the EVGA RTX 3090 are discovering their cards are running at extreme power levels. The cards are not showing thermal problems but the total power used seems to be brutal at more than 120% of standard TDP.

EVGA RTX 3090 users can get an RMA on their cards. EVGA is popular due to excellent customer service, There is a very long thread on the EVGA forum on the topic,

The real power draw at 3940×2160 can run the cards to over 400W of power. This is why I am so adamant to get a big rated power supply. I recommend at least 850W or even 1000W. I have an HX1000i from the SLI era which has it easy with single video card solutions.

New World is developed by Amazon Games and this seems to be their first title. Most likely the results will influence the game engine tuning to prevent the power draw at more reasonable levels.

Earlier some gripes that Halo ws baking cards suggests that some older cards may have had damaged thermal material. League of Legends has also been a scapegoat See the post on video cards overheating.

This issues does not seem to affect MSI RTX 3090 cards. ASUS RTX 3090 cards are also unaffected.