No surprise that Seagate is doing well considering all the disks I buy. Top line is $3.013 billion vs $2.517 reflecting my resumption in purchases.

Seagate reported 535EB of disks shipped. The average disk is 5.8GB. I have been buying 8GB disks bucking the trends.

Seagate figures the business out into 2022 looks good with $3.1 billion in earnings. Seagate has also reduced liabilities by $300 million which seems to be fashionable.

Seagate has not earned over $3 billion for more than 6 years suggesting the company is doing well. Seagate is aware that PC demand for hard disks is lower, driven mostly by SSD sales.

The gaming box has two 2TB M.2 SSD units and 9 hard disks. The Samsung 980 PRO 2TB cost more than three Seagate 8TB disks.

Eventually the Mach.2 hard disks will surface in the consumer market. Once corporate servers are stuffed to the gills. The Exos 18TB disks are comparatively expensive so most consumers select the cheap drive managed shingled disks.

Seagate mentioned that 20TB PDR hard disks will be available in the coming months. Seagate said they will be shipped in volume as they expect servers and consumes will all want a piece of the action with larger disks. Game libraries are definitely an issue which is why the studio uses 9 drive bays to handle the flood. Seagate has already shipped limited numbers of the 20TB HAMR disks. The results suggest that in servers these disks are adequate for moderate workloads.

Over the last 5 years disks in the gaming box have been 2TB and 3TB, then 4TB disks came into use. The 8TB disks surfaced but a Toshiba 12TB disk was acquired to handle games that were actively being updated as that disk has a higher workload rating.