Deepest Chamber was released on July 22, 2021 by Those Awesome Guys. The game was developed by Balcony Softworks. Deepest Chamber is a deck building game with roguelike elements set in a fantasy world where peril lurks at every step. Keep your cards close to your chest as you encounter droves of battle-hardened foes that will stop at nothing to turn your underground dwelling into a burial ground.

Deepest Chamber was in an open beta from March 19 until the game moved to early access on July 22.

Deepest Chamber isn’t over when you win a run. It’s all about unlocking new stuff for future runs. After every map, you will get red candles. With these, you can unlock new quests, missions, and monsters. 

There are two modes available as of now: Salvage Run and Quest Run. Winning a salvage run will let you salvage a card and a trinket which you can then use in a quest run. 

They are turn-based like in many deck builders. The tutorial will explain everything very well but if you’ve played a deck builder before, you will probably know how it goes: You have three energy to use each turn (more or less depending on buffs and debuffs) and cards cost energy. If you’re HP reaches zero, you die. You can block attacks and even retain some for your next turn.



  • Single-player deck building card game that’s easy to get into, but also with enough depth that makes it challenging to master
  • The multitude of cards, trinkets, consumable items, enemies and overall mechanics provide enough variety and replayability to keep you coming back for more
  • Run type customization provides you with the option of choosing between two different modes: Salvage Runs and Quest Runs
  • No class restrictions! Having the ability to access the party’s entire arsenal gives you the opportunity to focus on the synergistic side of deckbuilding
  • Multiple unlocks await you in the depths, including new areas, cards, relics, elite monsters, bosses and even more challenging difficulty levels
  • A dark and gritty story set in the bowels of what used to be the most technologically advanced city in the kingdom
  • A mysterious magical dome is now covering the city and a horrible pestilent disease is spreading amongst the townsfolk, who have been forced to leave their homes and take shelter underground
  • You play as a group of former City Guards and reformed scoundrels with the goal of finding a way out of the misery that seems to have engulfed them all
  • Encounter both friends and foes as you scavenge for resources and continue to delve deeper and deeper
  • You feared death once but not anymore, as whenever your party dies they are brought back to continue their never ending struggle

This game is on the larger side for a deck builder. The game mechanics are definitely roguelike as well. Every run will be different. I’m sure if you’ve played something like Slay the Spire, Monster Train or even Loop Hero, you’ll definitely enjoy aspects of Deepest Chamber as well.


Operating SystemWindows 7 x64 or better
CPUIntel skylake or better
Memory4 GB or more
Hard Drive Space8 GB
Graphics HardwareHD 630 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required