The end of production of the Xbox One S is the final nail in the coffin for the Xbox One line of consoles. In July 2020, Microsoft stopped production of the Xbox One X (first released in 2017) and axed the all-digital edition of the Xbox One S (which had been around for about a year before its demise). Both of those consoles served as a dual-model-line replacement for the launch-edition Xbox One, which Microsoft stopped producing in 2017. The new Xbox Series X|S launched more than a year ago so they are now the focus of manufacturing for the time being.

The Xbox Series X has a BD drive to play existing game discs. Backwards compatibility is fairly good and best results are with Xbox One discs which are compatible with the modern consoles. The problem is that the new generation consoles are expensive so many are sticking with the existing consoles for the time being.

The Xbox Series S does not have a BD drive so it cannot play game discs. Instead it is positioned as a digital only platform. This is where the Xbox game pass has been marketed aggressively to consumers.

The old Xbox 360 has had more game servers shut down as the console now that late sunset is here. The Xbox One consoles are still viable for gaming for the time being but eventually they will join the Xbox 360 in sunset. Future generations of consoles are common and the trend will likely continue.